Those truffles too are no bad accessaries,
Follow'd by 'petits puits d'amour'—a dish
Of which perhaps the cookery rather varies,
So every one may dress it to his wish,
According to the best of dictionaries,
Which encyclopedize both flesh and fish;
But even sans 'confitures,' it no less true is,
There 's pretty picking in those 'petits puits.'

Don Juan Canto 15

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well Tempered Cuisine

In response to the Economist's article: "Synaesthesia-- Smells like Beethoven"

There is a coherent reason why sound is organized by pitch: the principle of self similarity of ascending or descending musical scales. When musical voices are in dialogue or counterpoint, harmonic complexities result. A creative composition seeks to resolve ambiguities or ironies among such voices provoking an audience to relive the process of the creation of the musical piece.

There is a likewise in cuisine a range or palette of sights, tastes, textures, and smells which are well demonstrated. A beautiful composition in cuisine plays off successfully juxtaposing and resolving the ironies among the taste buds, textures, sights, temperatures, and smells. The guest at a dinner thus relives the creativity of the chef.

Thus there are great recipes just as there are great musical scores. But the performance is the thing...

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